Maybe you would like to experiment with something, or maybe you want to register something, but you are not sure, how and where you want to store it. In this case it can be practical to use a memory layer.


"Memory layer" is a plugin, which means you first need to install it.

Go to "Plugins" and choose "Manage and Install Plugins...".



Plugin Manager popups.

In the left panel choose "Get more".

Search with the word "memory", and you will find "New Memory Layer".

Mark "New Memory Layer" and click on "Install plugin".

After the installation has finished, click on "Close".



In the icons area you should now be able to see an icon for Memory Layer. (see the image above)

Click on the icon.




The box "NewMemoryLayer" popups.



Give the layer a name. In our example we will name it "test".

Click on the button representing the type, that you want your layer to be. In our example we choose "Point".



Another box popups, where you are asked to choose coordinate system.

We choose the faroese coordinate system "ETRS89 / Faroe TM".

Click "OK".



And the layer was created.



If later you want to save the layer in another format, you just right click on the layer in the left panel, and choose "Save As...".



You can save the layer in many different formats, for example ESRI Shapefile and Microstation DGN.


You are welcome to write comments below. If you have any questions, please post in the forum.

Memory layer