We will create a new ESRI Shape layer.

Choose "New Shapefile Layer...". (see the picture above)



The box "New Vector Layer" popups.

We will create a layer named "ruskspannir". These should be created as points, so we will choose the type "Point".

And we choose the coordinat system "Faroe TM".



Under "New attribute" we can create columns to the database table.

We create a column named "Stodd", where we will register the size of the feature.

We choose the datatype and width.

When you click on "Add to attribute list", the column is put in "Attributes list".



We create another column named "Litur". This one is for register the color of the feature.

Then we click "OK".



QGIS is asking where to save the layer.

Choose directory and put a name to the layer.

Please make sure you are using the right encoding.

Click on "Save".



We have now created a Shapefile layer.



Now you can open a file browser and browse to the directory, where you did save the layer. There you should find these files.

This is how a Shapefile layer is saved.



We can now try to register something in our layer.

Click on "Toogle Editing" and then "Add feature".

Then with left mouse button click on the map area, and the box "Attributes" popups.



As you can see, we now have the 2 columns, which we created a while ago, in the layer.



Please enter something in the fields and click "OK".



 And one feature is now created.


You are welcome to write comments below. If you have any questions, please post in the forum.

ESRI Shape layer